CloudNOW and the Triad Group Launch their Leadership Diversity & Inclusion Recruiting Partnership

Why Diversity? 

Meeting the expectations of the board from the first board meeting Diversity drives innovation. Simply put, companies who have diverse leadership bring a wealth of perspective to every situation. Companies who lack diverse leadership risk “group think” and inertia. 

“[W]e found that the most-diverse enterprises were also the most innovative, as measured by the freshness of their revenue mix. [C]ompanies with above-average total diversity, measured as the average of six dimensions of diversity (migration, industry, career path, gender, education, age), had both 19% points higher innovation revenues and 9% points higher EBIT margins, on average. 
Harvard Business Review

About CloudNOW and the Triad Group

CloudNOW, founded in 2011, was one of the first Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) non-profit organizations in tech. CloudNOW focuses on creating equality and diversity in technology, and provides a platform for support and engagement for women leaders to catapult their technology careers.

The Triad Group is a distinguished executive search firm with strong roots in Silicon Valley and an ethos of bespoke recruitment, which has built leadership teams for leading startups. Its clients have been been acquired by Samsung, Ericsson, Palo Alto Networks, and Zillow Group, among other industry leaders.

How We Can Help

 We are helping to amplify the growth of companies, from startups to enterprises, that are welcoming and inclusive and are purposefully creating a culture of belonging.

This Leadership Diversity & Inclusion Recruiting Partnershipcombines the search skills of the Triad Group and the robust network of D&I technology leaders of CloudNow to elevate and diversify the talent pool of our clients.

 We are now accepting:

  •  Accelerators, incubators, and looking to increase diversity in the leadership of their portfolio companies 

  • Startup leaders seeking a wider mix of candidates 

  • Enterprise organizations on a mission to diversify their Boards and leadership teams

  • Director-level+ candidates seeking opportunities with companies that value and prioritize D&I

For more information contact: 

Rita Scroggin
Practice Director, Leadership Search
Triad Group

Jocelyn DeGance Graham
Founder and CEO